Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Calming Back Down - Summer Vacation


Just typing that word brings me a sense of peace and calm.

Imagine me sitting here as I am, with a light-filled heart, listening to the sprinklers tickling the grass and hearing the happy play between the girls drifting down from their open bedroom windows. 

Summer is finally here and with it, comes a freedom that I have deeply missed.

In particular, the freedom comes from knowing exactly where my children are and how they are feeling.  No longer a prisoner that is held hostage to the cell phone, if I have any questions about blood sugars, all I need to do is simply walk over and ask.

This simple freedom is both exhilarating and calming. 

My kids are home.  Everyday.  All day long. With me.

Pure bliss.

Which makes me carefully avoid the uneasy thinking that perhaps I should make the most of this time while I still have it. 

Deep in the back of my mind lies the unspoken thought of 'how many more summers will I be able to have this dear luxury of sweet children at home with me'?

I try to squash that thought back down, along with the other thought that this time is short and before I blink, the air will once again turn crisp with a lingering sound of geese flying southern bound and my girls planning their locker space design.

Let's all enjoy our summers....

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