Monday, June 24, 2013

Diabetes Camp Drop-Off in Year 3: From There to Here

Photo: At camp for a week!!!!
The Naturally Sweet Sisters look pretty carefree too!

Today was diabetes camp drop-off for both daughters.

And for the first time, it was relaxed. 

Or maybe the word is "easy". 

Or "simple".

Even, "carefree"!

Whatever it was for sure, I can only tell you one thing:  I felt absolutely zero stress at leaving my children for a full week at diabetes camp.  In fact, it was so great that upon arriving home, I immediately logged on to Facebook and left a kind hearted message to the ADA camp director and her lovely staff to thank them for doing such a splendid job at camp!

Thanks Stephanie!!!!!  You ROCK!!!!!  Our girls are so lucky to be a part of this wonderful week!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Then I thought about it some more.  How on earth was it so easy to leave my children so far away for six days - even with such an awesome ADA camp?  I should be freaking out right?  Leaving my kids anywhere seems so unnatural.  We are always together with the exception of an occasional sleepover.  That is child's play compared to a full week away!

What?  I just left them with little more than some clothes, a few site changes and a pump?  I didn't even send low snacks or insulin!

And in the horror of horrors, with no Sigums named Dexie or Dexter (who wants to lose or break that little gadget at camp with water sports aplenty?  Not me!)

So how did those feelings of calm happen?

Which really, if you have known me or followed this blog, is nothing short of amazing!

This is what I came up with....

This feeling of ease, simplicity and relaxation is something that only comes with time.  I can guarantee you that no matter how hard I tried to conjure up this set of emotions that first year, I still would have undoubtedly failed.  For me, the only way to get here was through time and living through each of those scary "first" drop-offs.  I had to learn to trust the camp, my daughters, even myself.

I had to learn that lows would be treated, highs would be corrected and yes, even cartridges would be refilled with insulin.

In learning that way, it is much like that first year of living with type 1 diabetes.  You have to fully experience the range of feelings to get to that place of acceptance and peace.  You will learn how to spot a low, treat a high and inject your child with a needle. 

You learn that it will be OK.  You will find a new normal and your child will grow tall, strong and happy.

So for that learning curve, I am not going to ever tell anyone that camp drop off is easy or simple or relaxing, because that would be a great injustice to their own set of feelings.

What I will do is share with everyone of how I arrived HERE from THERE and how good it is to be on the other side. 

It just takes time.

Believe or not, you will get HERE too.

And when you do, call me so that we can make plans for a day out during camp week!

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