Monday, June 17, 2013

Diabetes and Crafts: How to Make a Summer Survival Kit for Kids

Completed Project:  Summer Survival Kits for Kids

 This week, my niece and nephew are coming for a visit.  Because I love and adore them, I always try to have a fun little surprise planned.  Over the years, my niece has dubbed me her favorite 'Ant' and to me, there is nothing sweeter than being a little girl's 'Ant'!

From my favorite niece!

To keep in their good graces and to make sure my title goes unharmed, this is what I am surprising them with:

The Naturally Sweet Sisters Summer Survival Kit Contents

I am calling it a Summer Survival Kit and it contains a decorate your own bug jar, a package of marshmallows, one chocolate bar, one sleeve of graham crackers and some sparklers.  For fun and to annoy other adults, I added some poppers.  This may very well be what makes me a great 'Ant' - I have a high tolerance for loud fun!

The jar is simply a recycled glass jar (for little ones, you may opt to use plastic) from our pantry.   I think I used pickle jars, salsa jars and even a garage sale jar.  All of them will work just fine and you do not have to worry about sizes matching.  Anything goes!  Just wash and dry before adding anything inside.

The poem is written by me - feel free to copy as you would like. 

Next, I have a cutie patootie Bug Jar Decorating Kit from Kids Camp.  For a dollar, the kids will be able to personalize their jar and make a super cute container.  While there were a few to choose from, I bought only the lady bug and the bumble bee kits.  You can purchase the sticker kit at your local JoAnn Fabrics. 

Since the kids will be decorating the jars on their own, to make the plain glass container interesting, I added four gummy worms and a little slip of paper that reads:

Just add a few gummy worms for that 'bug effect'!  Guaranteed kid pleaser!

This is my little bug jar

To study bugs from afar.

I promise before the day is done,

To let the bugs back out so they can have more fun!

For the marshmallows and graham crackers, I added a sharpie label with the carb amounts.  As in the past, the kids often mix and match their things - thankfully, we have a bunch of 'sharers' in our family so having a label on all food items is very helpful.  No matter what bag you use, the carb count is right there, making it for an easy bolus.

Hershey Milk Chocolate has a label on the back of the candy bar, so no need to re-write.  For reference, I think one s'more is 24 carbs ( 1 marshmallow is 6 carbs, 2 sheets of graham crackers are 12 carbs and two chocolate squares are 6 carbs).  Please be sure to double check your labels as YMMV - your mileage may vary on your carb counts.

If you are on injections, why not dose for a s'more with your meal and then make a microwave version after eating?
Not to mention that having my niece and nephew receiving labels on everything food oriented, tends to normalize type 1 diabetes.  The cousins have grown up together and know that part of maintaining good health, is to match insulin to carbohydrates.  It all seems routine to these kids now and no questions are even asked.  If anything, the kids have fun taking turns trying to use their math skills the fastest!
Have fun making your own Summer Survival Kit and if you come up with other find items to add, please leave a comment below.  As one 'Ant' to another, I am always looking for good ideas!

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