Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Puberty (A Redoux!)

As I wrote before, our oldest daughter has somewhat stabilized in terms of blood sugars and insulin needs.  It seems that the effects of rapid growth and physical puberty induced changes are slowly tapering off.  Instead of worrying about running out of insulin (yes, 200 units!) every two days, I am now focusing on helping her navigate the emotional spectrum that comes along with growing up.  How is it possible that she can go from giggles to tears to shouting and back to giggles in five minutes???

Believe me, in a nutshell, it is like exchanging one full time job for another.  This parenting business never ends - and I say that with a HUGE smile, because I love this job more than any other in the world.

So I should be more prepared for the second time around, right?

Except I am not.

The truth of the matter is that raising another little girl up through the puberty ranks is just as hard.  They are two very different people.  One embraced wearing bras and the other, well, she has declared herself a 'bra burner' and is ready to throw them all out the window if I dare to look the other way.

It's kind of admirable to see that spunk, except, I need to get her to school on time!

And just when I get her dressed with suitable undergarments, I am faced with the realization that her nighttime blood glucose numbers spent too long of a time in the 'uncomfortably high 200's'.  Which means that my basal corrections did little to bring her back.

She doesn't realize what that means.  In her world, she just knows that she is changing.  Her new world consists of things like deodorant, Stridex wipes, more frequent showers and clothes that look more grown-up.

Part of me wants to deny this moment because it isn't about just doing a few adjustments, teaching about adolescent hygiene or getting better blood glucose numbers.  I now know from history that this point is marking the beginning of major changes to come.  Simply put, my baby is really growing up and there is nothing that I can do except guide her along the way.

There is no going back.

That's the interesting thing about type 1 diabetes.  It acts as an indicator of things to come.  Super high blood sugars out of no where?  Well, chances are that someone is getting a cold.  Super low blood sugars and a belly ache?  Most likely, we are dealing with a stomach bug. 

The proof is in the blood sugars.  I can't deny that she is growing up.  All that is left is to embrace this change of life and help guide her along the journey to womanhood. 

And to encourage her to remain true to herself, with the luxury of being both a little girl and a young lady for as long as she needs to.

One nice thing that I have learned is that there is absolutely no hurry to grow up!


Marjorie said...

Great post. I'm. It sure if I'm looking forward to the tween and teen years yet or not. I know I'm seeing a lot of defiance already....what am I in for?!

Marjorie said...

*i'm not sure* not I'm.It sure.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

I can only tell you that it is an up and down crazy train! Hold on to your hat!!!! :)