Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Youngest daughter shortly after diagnosis.  I see her tiny little medical bracelet that would now only fit a doll.
Today is the day

Just seven years ago, I held her little hand and cuddled her as best as I could from her hospital bed.

Neither she nor I knew anything of the world of type 1 diabetes.

Today, after a lifetime of learning (or so it feels), we still cuddle and hold hands.  She is still that same baby girl, just a bit older.

Yesterday, at our annual JDRF Walk to Cure T1D awards banquet, she and I accepted awards for our Naturally Sweet Sisters fundraising efforts and for our support of advocating as a walk co-chair, mentor and family coach and as a two-time JDRF child ambassador.

While she has taught me more than I thought I would ever know about the world of type 1 diabetes, she has also shown me that life is full of possibilities.  She never tires of the idea of finding a cure or in supporting others that walk along our same path. 

On the drive home after the awards ceremony, she said it best:

"When I get my cure, I want to come back and dance!"

Me too.

Cure, please!

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