Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Some days are good days

Some days are good days.

The infusion sites work nicely with the insulin pump.  The carbohydrate counting calculates a perfect dose of insulin.  The blood sugar behaves just like it would with a person whose pancreas still functions properly.

Heck, even when a new transmitter for your beloved Sigums (DexCom)arrives in working condition!

Those are the good days.  The ones that allow you to relax.

I think we all enjoy the moments like that.  It gives us each a second (or two) to breathe without fear or worse, panic.

But not everyday is a good day. 

Some days are hard.  And let me emphasize the truth.  Some days are very, very, very hard.  I think if I say 'very' three times, than the emphasis can not be overlooked.  In the same way that all things diabetes related can click together, they can also fall apart.  The infusion site kinks or enters in on a spot where there is scar tissue.  Insulin can't get through to the body, the site kinks or maybe you even realized that a well marked food item clearly had a miscalculation on the number of carbs per serving.  I could go on and on, but frankly, just writing about the things that can go wrong, actually leaves me feeling physically stressed. 

Because these things happen frequently enough that you can feel powerless against them and really, all you have left is a bunch of unmitigated stress markers.

So what do you do? 

Well, I choose to PHONE A FRIEND.  And not just any kind of friend.  I choose a friend that gets me... the sleep deprived, crabby and slightly hysterical me. 

And after we talk it out, we laugh. It's kind of like a magic trick.  Because really, no matter how bad things may seem, when talking to friends, some days are good days.

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