Monday, December 16, 2013

Prescription Reminders

This morning, in hopes of making the last week of school less chaotic, I prefilled two cartridges for tonight's site change.  Since the school year started, I have found great success in getting this part of the routine prepped and ready ahead of time.  It seems to lessen the stress of both girls (and myself!) during a crazy week filled with after school activities and homework.

(DISCLOSURE: this may or may not be something you want to do... check with your endocrinologist to determine what works best in your child's care).

However, as I opened a new Apidra insulin bottle, the refill date caught my eye... 12-24-2013.  And no, I am not kidding.  Who is the world orders insulin on Christmas eve? 

Now, I don't know about you but I have absolutely no plans for that day other than to spend time with my family and pile around the fire to play games, drink cocoa and watch Christmas movies. 

I hope our dear pharmacist thinks that way too! 

So today, I am heading out to order and pick up our insulin early.  I thought this might be a good reminder for everyone.  Check all dates ending in '13 for things like insulin, glucagon, blood glucose test strips, ketone test strips or any other life-saving medication that you may need.  For us, I have to remember our all-important Levothyroxin, for youngest daughter's Hashimotos dx.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to stock up on low blood sugar items - Christmas candy is much more fun than the dreaded TABSSSSSSSS as my kids say.  It also doesn't hurt to be prepared for illness or even simple headaches by having cold medicine or Motrin on hand. 

If you were putting off appointments for things like eye exams, blood draws, dental, etc., than this is also a good time to squeeze in any last minute appointments and finish off your flexible spending accounts - if you have them.  Or to go 'free' if your insurance deductibles have been met. 

But if you have already done this, one final thing to do is to run out and buy a new 2014 calendar and start filling it up with the dates of your testing or pump supply shipments, your script renewal dates and especially, your endocrinology appointments. 

Trust me, you will feel even more relaxed on Christmas eve!

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