Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Returning to Earth

Photo: Ginger, our new lady elf, has arrived at the Ohmers.
Stop and smell the ivy!

Thanksgiving was a much needed break for our Naturally Sweet Sisters family.  We enjoyed time with family and friends and spent a few moments actively counting our blessings.  Each of us rested, relaxed and for the most part, let the weight of the world (from the past few months) slowly ease away from our shoulders.

And then Monday came. 

Arriving with a thud and sending us right back crashing into the reality of all things that make up school, work, household chores and December mayhem.

I didn't like it one bit.  In fact, I am protesting. 

Photo: Ginger enjoying a GingerSnap Snack.
Surprisingly, low carb too!

Tonight, there will be movement from our new girl Elf aptly named Ginger.  We may skip the evening news in favor of a Christmas movie and dinner?  Well, it may include eating while playing a board game.  Tomorrow morning, two excited girls will open a day on the Advent calendar and for hubby and I?  Well, we will savor TWO cups of coffee with a hefty splash of peppermint mocha and sit quietly together before rushing off to get ready for work or pack lunches.

We have decided that this year, we will enjoy purposefully putting on the breaks during what can be holiday madness and enjoying our blessings.

Which to us, just happens to start at the top of the list with our little family of four.

Happy December!

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