Monday, January 13, 2014

Clara Barton Wax Museum

Meet Clara

Today, my fifth grader is finishing up her wax museum project. 

Ironically, she was assigned to Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross.  When she came home with her assignment, I knew we had a good handle on it. 

After all, we do a lot of medical stuff around here.   Because sometimes, type 1 diabetes x2 really DOES come in handy. 

Not to mention a broken arm.  Or a broken leg.

Or even the million bits of Band-Aids that we have tucked away.

My favorite though, was the practice syringe that we have from a glucagon training.  Who knew  how handy that would be? 

So to show a bit of what our version of Clara Barton looks like, here you go...

Our remade lunchbox, now serving as a first aid kit.

Re-created vintage supplies using dollar store items and a training syringe from an old practice glucagon box.

Jelly Bean medicine.  She's old enough to understand that medicine is not candy but this was a fun prop.

Vintage Red Cross Uniform and Nursing Cap.  Thanks to Grandma! 

A Tri-Fold Perspective on Clara.

I hope you enjoyed this look at our fun project!

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