Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Bet Clara Barton Never Gave a Speech With a 496 Mg/DL....

Did Clara Barton ever give a speech with a blood glucose reading of 496 mg/dl?

Probably not.  Well, not until today, I suppose. 

Today, my own little Clara Barton did.

And now, we wait and see if it effected her grade (or not).

Because the tricky, sneaky, horrible, and frankly, awful part of type 1 diabetes is sometimes not realizing that you forgot to bolus for a delicious lunch until it is much later in the afternoon because you are so excited to pretend to be Clara Barton.

It is especially tricky, sneaky, horrible and frankly, awful to have type 1 diabetes, because sometimes you think that all you have is a case of nerves.

Or as youngest daughter explained to me in her own words, "I thought I had butterflies in my stomach from being really excited."

When I asked her how she thought her performance as Clara Barton was, she told me, "No one even knew that my number was so high.  I did a GREAT job!"  As she tells me this, she is giggling.  Her smile is wide and I can tell that she is feeling proud of making it through the speech. Clearly, type 1 diabetes is not getting her or her alter ego, Clara Barton, down today.

I asked her if she told anyone besides me about her afternoon blood glucose and she said no. 

"After I texted you, I put in my correction, sat down with my water bottle and waited for my heart to stop racing.  The teacher was busy listening to the other kids give their speeches and I knew that I was going to be fine.  I was too.  I took care of it."  She smiles even more broadly and holds her hand up for a high-five.  This makes me realize that she views me as her co-conspirator.  It is 'us' against 'it'. 

And for once, we won.  So I smile back just as broadly and scoop her up for a hug and a tickle.

Later this occurs to me; maybe she channeled Clara Barton, a.k.a, 'The Angel on the Battlefield'. 

Because sometimes I think the battlefield is the world of type 1 diabetes.

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