Sunday, January 26, 2014

Valentine's Day Craft Project

While I primarily function as the home's Artificial Pancreas, I also like to do a little crafting.  It feels good to create something and to bring a little decorating cheer around the house.  Not to mention, that it frees my mind from the wonderful world of type 1 diabetes.

It's rubbed off on my daughters too.  They love it as much as I do.

In this project, the girls and I played around with creating Valentine's Wall Art.  I found something similar on Pinterest before hand but that version required paint and I didn't really feel like doing that.  Sometimes, simple is better.

So for this project you will need a white canvas.  We chose a 16 x 20 sold at Michaels in a pack of 2.  Michaels 40% brought the cost down to just $6.00 (or $3.00 each canvas).

Borrowing my Naturally Sweet Husband's electrical tape for a cost of $0.00 and....

Using a piece of shiny red scrapbook paper that we already had for another total cost of $0.00.

We simply folded the 12 x 12 scrapbook paper in half to cut out a large sized red heart.  Any variation of this would look adorable.  Even a series of scattered tiny hearts.

Then, tape across the canvas in a horizontal pattern.  Be sure to cover the sides as they will be seen depending upon where your guest view the art from.

Then, glue on the red heart and voila! Instant sweetness!

Happy Valentine's Day from our house to yours!

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