Monday, February 10, 2014

Reflections From A Child

I picked her up from school this afternoon.  It wasn't any different from any other day this winter.  The weather was cold, sharp and brisk.  As we ran to the car, she held my hand and said, "I am so glad that I can run!"

The comment was cute and I answered, "Me too!  Our tootsies are freezing!  Run!"

As we hurried to shut the car doors and warm back up, she said, "I saw a sad movie at school today.  It was about kids that had to get a bone donor and lots of treatments."

Thoughtfully, I buckled my seat belt and tried to understand what she was saying.  Sometimes it is like that.  I don't want to answer until I know where the conversation is heading.

"Oh.  How was that for the kids in the movie?" I asked giving her a little encouraging smile to keep the conversation flowing.

She quietly said, "It was awful.  The kids became so sick and had to go to St. Jude's.  One boy had to get a bone transplant from his sister.  He had to have treatments and more treatments and it wasn't good.  It was cancer."   Her emphasis on the last word was solemn.

I realized what she was trying to say and gently corrected her.  "Bone MARROW treatments?"

"Yes", she said.  "That's it.  Bone marrow.  I have a math book to work on to raise money.  It is for a St. Jude's Mathalon."

She held her breath for a second and then said, "I know we need a cure but can we help the other kids too?"

I kept the car in park and unbuckled so that I could give her a big squeeze.

"Yes, we can help them too."

Sometimes, I think that I am luckiest mother in the world.

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