Friday, February 21, 2014

Missing Manners

Sometimes what I see in the world is so bothersome, the only appropriate response is to say so.

Dear Miss Manners,

Clearly you do not have a need for a 'medical application', as you categorized Type 1 Diabetes in your recent response.  I say this because there is only one reason for your words and that is IGNORANCE.   As a mother of two children with type 1 diabetes, which is an auto-immune disease that causes the pancreas to stop making insulin and thereby requires insulin-dependence for life, I am shocked that you would tell your readers that the only acceptible place to perform blood sugar checks is in a bathroom or out of sight of others.  Perhaps it is time for you to be educated and to know that Type 1 Diabetes demands constant blood sugar checks.  This need happens almost every two hours a day or as warranted by symptoms.  There is no regulating Type 1 Diabetes nor is there time to wait on most days.  In fact, suggesting that patients living with Type 1 Diabetes should go to a bathroom is not only a concern to their health in terms of timeliness, but also, a terrible instance to send a person living with an immune disorder into a space that is riddled with the worst and most contagious types of bacteria.  Consider this, would you eat in a bathroom?  If you say no, why would you send a patient with a compromised immunity to a bathroom.  Most of all, to suggest that someone living with Type 1 Diabetes should hide their living saving diagnosics is akin to teaching them shame.  For my daughters and for all of the other brave individuals living with Type 1 Diabetes, one can only hope that you never have to know what they go through minute by minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and for the rest of their lives.  Good manners would be to show kindness and compassion for the next person that you see testing their blood sugars.



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If you would like to see the full article, here it is.  Miss Manners Diabetic Testing

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