Friday, February 14, 2014

Carb-Free Love On Valentine's Day!

Carb-Free Love :)

 It's Friday and at our school, that means early release day for the students.  

Because of the early release on Friday, that also means that yesterday was our 5th grader's Valentine's Day classroom party.  She celebrated by exchanging cards with classmates and munching on her own dry cereal snack (carb-counted and kid-approved!)  from home.

The Valentine's Day party went as smoothly as it ever has.  No overwhelming amounts of mystery carb foods or sugary treats.  Just a fun day with friends and love-notes and one, small pre-planned snack.

Our 7th grader had no classroom or school celebration this week.  Oddly, she didn't even mention missing the hoopla of the elementary or early middle school days.  She instead teased her little sister for having to write a few Valentine's to (ahem!) boys.

Oldest daughter won't celebrate at school but she will celebrate by coming home and receiving a little home-made card from her sister and parents.  Most likely, as a family, we will enjoy a board game, some cuddles and maybe even a Friday night movie.

Valentine's Day has once again, become a simple holiday to enjoy a moment with a loved one. 

In kind of the way, it has been for most of my life.  

I point it out because if you are reading this and are feeling a bit overwhelmed with cookies, chocolate, candy and mystery carb-counting, just know that this is limited time of life for you and your little one.  I say this because I hope that if you are in the middle of the young years, you can take a moment and savor the delight of the children around you celebrating in high candy style.  Take pictures of your child and be sure to get in a few too.  Laugh, be merry and expect a few wonky blood sugars later.  It'll all be OK.  

It is truly the shortest time of life...

And when you get home tonight, enjoy your own carb-free family Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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