Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Disney and Diabetes - Goal and Activity Calendar

The Naturally Sweet Sisters Winter Goal and Activity Calendar

Since most of the country is soundly plopped into the middle of winter, it should come as no surprise that many of us tend to feel a bit 'blah' when it comes to visualizing much more than devouring a bag of chips while watching Friends reruns.

Usually, that is me too.  Except this year, I have decided that the Naturally Sweet Sisters aren't going to get sucked into a winter rut.  And I do mean 'we' because all of us from young to old are susceptible.  No one wants to go out or do anything and we end up waiting for the big thaw... three months down the road.

To rid ourselves of this problem, I decided to bring home a large, green, poster-sized piece of paper.  My initial thought was that I would add a calendar for our family to fill in with things that we wanted to do over the next few winter months.  

Notice that I chose a bright green glowing poster paper???  There was no way anyone in the family would miss it!  Sneaky mom!

My Naturally Sweet Husband thought that was a great idea but wanted to take it a step further.  He decided that he wanted to log in running miles and times on the treadmill.  As a family we have a fitness goal too.  In the winter, that goal is hard to obtain. Writing it down for all of us was fantastic idea too.

Then, oldest daughter smiled and chimed in with the idea of saving up for a few items that she had her eye on.  The rest of us thought that sounded terrific.  A great way to see how much you are saving and to know how many more chores needed to be accomplished to get there.

Not to be out done, youngest daughter simply wanted to cross off days until her spring break.  Personally, I loved her line of thinking as I too, secretly counted the days off.

To help each of us achieve our personal goals as well as our family activities, my Naturally Sweet Husband created a quarterly chart to record our information.  

It's not fancy.  And in fact, the only real investment was time.  

I just have a feeling that it will be paying out happy rewards!

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