Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kids Choice: Annoying T1D Questions and Their Standard Answers

In discussing this in a recent conversation with my daughters, I decided to write down their 'standard answers' of questions that people ask regarding life with type 1 diabetes.

Remember, this is almost 8 years in as our diaversary will be in December of this year.  I don't know if we would have known to say any of this in the first few years.  For a lot of questions, we have two answers that we frequently interchange.  It all depends on if we are talking to a crazy grocery store cashier or a kindly little old lady.  And if you are reading this, we know you understand it.  BIG difference.  BIG!

Kids Pick The Frequently Asked Questions and Their Favorite Standard Answers:

Q1.)  Can you eat that?
A1.)   Is it poison?  Because I can eat anything that isn't poison.


Q1.)  Can you eat that?
A1.1)  I match insulin to carbs.  Carbs are in everything from carrots to cookies.  As long as I count the carbs and gives myself the insulin, I am free to eat anything I want.

Q2.)  What's that? (pointing at an insulin pump or a cgm or a blood sugar meter).
A2.)  What?  OMG!  When did that get there????


Q2.)  What's that?  (pointing at an insulin pump or a cgm or a blood sugar meter).
A2.2)  I have type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease, that requires insulin for life.  The way that I get insulin, watch blood sugar, or check blood sugar is by using that gadget.  It's pretty great but it's not a cure.

Q3.)  So that pump, it does it all right?
A3.)  The pump is great but it doesn't have a brain.  I still have to program it.  Kind of like that old VCR that my mom told me you used to use.


(And for this one - we don't have a gentler version.  Pumps are brainless.  Period.)

Q4.)  Does it hurt?
A4.)  Yes, of course.  It's a big needle.  Want to try it?


Q4.)  Does it hurt?
A4.4) Yes, of course.  I don't think about it because I have no other choice.  You would do the same.

Q5.)  Will you outgrow it?
A5.)  No.  We need a cure.  And since you asked, if you want to help us get there faster, feel free to donate to our JDRF walk team under Naturally Sweet Sisters HERE.

Ok, so I added the last one... but if you do want to help, please feel free to click on our walk team to make a safe, secure, tax-deductible donation to JDRF.  A cure is closer than ever!


beth said...

fab answers (both sets!!)

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Thanks, Beth! Shared with the girls and they are happy to hear your thoughts.