Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Golf: The Perfect Sport

Photo: First day of golf @ Michigan State University Forest Akers.

With summer's arrival, both girls are back on the golf course.

I have already declared this sport 'The Best Possible Sport for Living With Type 1 Diabetes'.  See HERE and HERE.

It truly is.  On the golf course, one has time to exercise while managing blood sugar levels.  A little bit too high?  No problem.  Correct bg, drink some water and keep walking.  A little bit too low?  No problem.  Golf bag is stocked with a meter, glucose, food and even a juice box.  Just take a moment while waiting for the other players to tee off, drive or putt.  There is plenty of time.  Golf is slow and for everyone with t1d that plays, that downtime is a blessing.

For their first time in their summer league, both girls dealt with one of each of the above.  Since they are playing with kids on the course for three hours, mom wasn't there either.  The girls had to decode the feeling, understand what to do and address the issue so that they could keep playing and not miss a beat.

At pick-up, the girls explained that it was motivating to take care of themselves because they want to feel good and be a part of the experience.  Unchecked highs or lows tend to rob them of those positive memories and they wanted none of that.

Pretty awesome to understand that at such a young age.  Hoping we can keep that motivation going!

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