Monday, July 14, 2014

Lessons, Lessons, Lessons

This is the summer of doing.

My youngest has the refrain downpat, "More Saving, More Doing, that's the power of MOM".  She says this a lot lately as it appears to be a big crowd pleaser among the tweenage set, inciting tons of laughter.  Yes, she is a ham.  But she is also right.

As of this morning, we now have scheduled lessons for golf, guitar and knitting.  These are all of the things that the girls have requested to learn.  During the school year, we felt too busy and too stressed but now that summer is here, we have wide-open schedules which promise the leisurely art of learning just for the fun of it.

And while my friends may wonder where I have gone during this summer of doing, I can't help but be mindfully greedy of the chance that I have to witness the girls develop these lifelong talents.  In the icky, awful way that parenting with a purpose requires, I have rolled the calendar far enough ahead to know that I have just five more fleeting summers with my favorite two little ladies.  In my heart, I want to know that we used them up completely and fully and left not one giggle, one hug or one kiss behind.

In ways that my girls do not fully appreciate yet, I am adding to their memory banks the delicious feeling of learning for the fun of it while spending time with mom.

Yes, more saving, more doing, that's the power of mom.

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