Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I am not sure if you are tired of our Dexcom Platinum G4 Share posts, but I have an additional tidbit to share.

Calibrate It. 

Yes, that's it.  Probably anticlimactic, as everyone knows that CGMs need to be calibrated.  Medtronic Enlite recommends a solid four times per day and Dexcom requires two.  It's clearly instructed in each product's owners manual for maintaining accurate blood sugar readings.  

However, I am raising older girls.  While they have been taught to do this, life often distracts them from the exact 12 hour blood sugar data requirement on their Dexcom.  For status readings on a receiver, it's no big deal.  Dexcom simply places a red blood droplet reminder on the home screen while continuing to record blood sugar readings in the background.

The infamous red blood droplet

Using the Share App, if calibration doesn't occur, a NO DATA message appears. Literally, no data can be tracked.  Kinda giant pain for all of us.

It's an adjustment for both of my girls to remember to input that blood sugar reading as soon as it is requested. The girls feel a bit negative as to them, it is an annoying extra step in T1d care.  They don't like having to spend more time than necessary on managing their T1d.  

A brighter view is that by performing a calibration as soon as they can, their blood sugars are apt to be better controlled through having the most current data on the receiver and on the App. 

And mom won't send an annoying text like this...

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