Thursday, March 19, 2015

Positively Protein

Last week I mentioned that oldest daughter needed a boost in protein during her morning breakfast.

After receiving our Share, it immediately became clear that her a.m. blood glucose hovered on "normal lower" (90 mg/dl) and trickled into "uncomfortable lower" (70mg/dl).

Even though she is older and can easily pop a carb filled snack into her mouth or suspend her insulin, it's not a position that I want her to be in.  At school, there are just too many risk factors... fire drill, substitute teacher, distraction from 'feeling' the lower or even forgetting to restock her purse with glucose.

To help solve the situation, we asked our resident expert - which is oldest daughter - what she liked to eat for breakfast.  She gave us two requirements; it had to be simple to make and it had to be Chai Tea.

She further explained that since her lunch was at 10:30 a.m., she rarely felt hungry enough to eat before she went to school.  The Chai Tea was portable and something she could drink in the car through first period.  My third period, she was off to the cafeteria, where she happily ate a well-rounded meal.

Understanding her dilemma, we agreed to review alternatives, specifically foods or drinks that offered a solid dose of protein.

And look at what we immediately found!

Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea (180 calories) and a Chocolate "Milk" (210 calories) made from soy, are each gluten free and loaded with 9 grams of Protein per 8 ounce serving.  

And the best part?  It tastes great!  This is actually our second purchase as the first was immediately shared by all four of us.  Oldest daughter and I prefer the spices in the Chai while the Naturally Sweet Dad and youngest daughter love the chocolate flavor.  At $4.99 at our local Target and $5.49 at Busch's, this isn't exactly cheap.  However, the vast improvement on blood sugars was immediate and we were able to continue a simplified morning routine for oldest daughter.  

At this age, a happy #TeenT1d is WIN WIN!

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