Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pump Peelz for Dexcom Share

With the arrival of the Dexcom Share, and the resulting matching set of device colors in our household (because the Naturally Sweet Sisters tend to choose the same colors even when I ask them independently from one another - how are they not twins????) we decided to move beyond the basic color to personalize and jazz up the style a bit more with skins.

Heading to the PumpPeelz website, I selected four options. Prices vary but it was nice to see a few on sale for as little as $3.00 each.  Shipping is not included and that was an additional amount.

The application of the PumpPeelz was fast and simple.  Since our Dexcom Share receivers were brand new, there was very little prep work.  If we had applied the skins to our older pink receivers, I would have wiped down with an alcohol swab to remove any oils or debris, let dry and then applied the skins to ensure a secure adherence.

Upon opening the PumpPeelz, our youngest daughter chose first and selected the blue swirl design.  Her sister than picked the cheery yellow. We saved the other two for a later date.  Hopefully the skins will last as long as the Medtronic Pump skins - which for our family, was 6 months plus.  In fact, oldest daughter was ready for a change long before the skin needed one. 

If ordering skins is not your thing, you may also want to consider making your own design through duct tape, washi tape or even by adding stickers of your own.  One friend explained how they cut into vinyl laptop stickers to repurpose into a Dexcom skin of their own.  Just trace your pattern from the top of your Dexcom and use an exacto knife on a safe surface to cut your laptop skin to ensure a perfect fit. 

Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy your new look!

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