Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Never Ending Story (or Go Away Germs!)








Under the weather.

Not herself.

OK, so a lot of words and phrases but pretty much all of them sum up what we have dealt with this winter.  The never ending story of a compromised immune system.!

Right now, the house smells like a combination of clean laundry, Lysol, and fresh (cold) air blowing in from the front windows.  I am pulling out every last trick in the book to rid our house of whatever it is that is causing my girls to feel poorly.

And I know that we are not alone. 

Almost every family has been dealing with this list of non-specific symptoms that seem to be endlessly lining up for rotation into homes. 

Except for our families, the ones that live with type 1 diabetes, this sort of never ending story makes life 10 million times harder.  Every illness has to filter through the blood glucose; causing highs and lows of extreme proportions. 

At night, I can't just turn on a humidifier and hope for the best.  I have to go back in every few hours to re-test blood sugars and make sure my kids are still breathing

So that makes for another, normally healthy immune system, to become very compromised.  No wonder that my dear husband phoned me from work to say that now he doesn't feel good.

And he understands even more why I say back into the phone, "please stay there."

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