Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Party - Naturally Sweet Sisters Style

Today is one of those crazy days where food has become the center focus and the actual entertainment is secondary.   You might slightly disagree and think the commercials are front and center, but while watching them, most people are also eating.

And eating.

And eating.

Oh yes, watching a bit of football but still eating.

Our home is not really that much different.  We planned the day around the scheduled kick-off and the girls have made a ranking sheet for the best commericals and another sheet to record touchdowns and best end-zone dance moves. 

And yes, we will be doing some of that eating too. 

But conveniently, this night is under our control with items carefully selected for a fun night with little interference from highs and lows of eating foods that are difficult to digest. 

And while we will have a night that is "kids first, diabetes second", we will do it in a way that focuses more on the real entertainment (spending time as a family) and less on the food seen in those commercials.

With a little Nerds Rope thrown in, because that it is the one thing that our two girls wanted to try since seeing it back in December at a friend's house. 

And waiting for the right moment also makes trying something new a whole lot more exciting.

Because is the Superbowl that exciting? 

Um.... well,

Happy Superbowl Sunday from our NaturallySweetSisters...  and hoping you have an exciting night too:)

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