Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stay At Home Mom (or What? You Are Actually Busy?)

Yes, I am a stay-at-home mom.

I am also a wife, artificial pancreas x2, blogger, volunteer, Diabetes advocate, homework helper, Valentine's Day card maker,  school play costume creator, ballet mom, soccer mom, chauffeur, chef, laundress, cleaning lady, therapist, Google M.D., arts and crafts specialist, etc., etc.

You get the point.

There is however, one thing that I am not.

I am not without a schedule.

Everything in my life revolves around schedules.  I look at that clock at least fifty times in a day.  My calendar is my devotional material.  My cell phone is my life line.

Every second, every minute and every hour for each day is accounted for. 

Between the routine blood sugar checks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack boluses; I am also fitting in routine maintenance of all of our medical equipment.

Blood glucose strips refilled?  Check!

Meter batteries charged?  Check!

Insulin in pumps?  Check!

Dexcom calibrated?  Check!

And all of that is times two.  Which I know YOU get... the rest of the world, not so much.

So this week it happened.  I got a little cranky.  OK, two emails and several phone calls worth of cranky.  Yes, ME, one who is known to be fairly upbeat and happy.  Which I still am.  Except.

Except for when someone tells me to go to this place and pick up this.  When I do, I am then told to go back and get this and then this.  And one more time for more.

And then, here is where I get a little grumpy.

When I am told that none of that is going to help and that I should have never gotten any of that in the first place.


I know.  I was too.

And mad.

I wasted all of that precious time.  The one thing that I just do not have.  I can't make it, buy it or borrow it.  I am even too busy to lose it.

Because I think being so busy all of the time and having a head full of things that HAVE to be done with a cheerful attitude make for a whole lot of savings of grumpy feelings.  So when they come out, they really come out. 

Which isn't in the least bit helpful. 

 So I have to figure out how to get those grumpy feelings out when they start to happen instead of placing them into a random savings account to be unleashed on an innocent (kinda) person.

It is hard.  All I have come up with thus far is to start exercising.  After all, can I be grumpy if I look hot? 

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