Sunday, February 26, 2012

Remember to Be A Member!

Greeting to all of our friends out there in 'cyber-type-1-diabetes-land' or the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). 

Hello!  Hello!  Hello!

Just wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone who is reading Naturally Sweet Sisters

Our little blog is growing by the day and we are so proud to be welcomed into your homes.  When we originally started this out, shortly after our first type 1 diabetes diagnosis, the topic was just too painful to write about.  So our original blog just sat there, completely forgotten.

After a few more start and stop attempts, we are finally hitting our stride - thanks to encouragement from our friends and family- to start one more time.   When we post, it is though we are talking to our friends, the ones who get it and really understand this topsy turvy life of type 1 diabetes.

All of your comments have been so kind and heartwarming and we truly appreciate them all.  Each day, we look forward to reading what you have said and to hearing that we are all in this together.

One new thing that you might see from time to time is the perspective of type 1 diabetes through the eyes of one of my daughters.  Our oldest daughter has expressed interest in conveying her thoughts in order to help other parents and kids understand each other.

We also thought it might be a great idea to offer the chance to ask questions.  If there is something that you are thinking of and want to hear another perspective, please send in your question.  We will try to use that as a blog post topic.

A quick reminder and request is to have everyone sign up to follow our blog.  You can sign up through Networked Blogs or Google Friend Connect - Both are located in the right hand sidebar of this post that you are reading.  One click and you won't miss a single post. 

With as much fun as it has been to write our blog, we are also wanting to grow our readership and hopefully, attract some sponsors, because writing is a bit of time consuming endeavor.  We want you to find the content on Naturally Sweet Sisters to be of a worthy value and we are interested in keeping our content at the highest possible standard.

And finally, for everyone interested in keeping tabs on Naturally Sweet Sisters through their e-reader, visit Naturally Sweet Sisters on Amazon Kindle.

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