Thursday, October 4, 2012

Babysitters with Diabetes (or An Oldest Daughter's Milestone)

It seems like I was just searching for babysitters.  For years, it was a task all by itself to find and train appropriate caregivers that would be able to not only watch and entertain my children, but also able to keep them safe.  As both of my daughters live with type 1 diabetes, this was no easy task.

I had to find someone who wasn't afraid of diabetes stereotypes, including needles, could handle basic math for carb counting and had a calm and level headed personality. 

Boy, was that a tall order!

We did find a few wonderful young ladies who were able to fit the role but each went off to college, one even pursuing a degree in nursing.  It seemed like our search was never-ending.

Last night, our sweet little girl (now a sweet sixth-grader) took her first American Red Cross Baby-Sitter's class. 

Clearly, we have come full circle.  No longer will I have the need to search for babysitters, instead, I have raised my own.

Date night just became a whole lot more exciting!

What is interesting, is that within the Babysitter's Training Manual is a short description of how to handle a "Diabetic Emergency."

My daughter happily pointed that section out to me and agreed, that everyone should know what diabetes means and how to handle it should a child require immediate assistance. 

And then with a smile she said, "I'm already ahead of the game Mom, because I know exactly what to do."

Special thanks goes to the American Red Cross for making a difference in teaching basic diabetes awareness to a brand new group of babysitters.  Naturally Sweet Sisters applauds your efforts!

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