Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Matching Game (DexCom Makes it Fun!)

I snapped this picture this morning before school...

Often I am asked how closely the DexCom matches the meter and luckily, I am able to reply that it is within two or three points of what is shown.  There are a few exceptions such as eating a big meal or jumping into the shower (the hot water effect) but for most of the day, this little Dexie is quite remarkable.

Yesterday, we had a missed bolus.  Instead of waiting until the signs were unmistakable, our daughter was able to feel the vibration of the DexCom and alerted to the double arrow rise.  She added the bolus insulin back in, correcting the high and went about her merry way.

No big deal.

Except this is state exam week - a very big deal - and she would have been stuck in a room testing for hours, with a high bg and feeling crappy from ketones.  I don't like to think of what her scores would have looked like. 

Thankfully, none of that happened.

So add this to the list of reasons of why a CGM Continuous Glucose Monitor might work for you.

Driving - eek!
Field Trips
Parties with buffets

and now, State exams

I am sure the list will continue to grow.  Feel free to post your most beloved reasons for having a CGM and if you have played the matching game between the CGM and the blood sugar meter.  How close are you?

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Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Thought of another one after posting this... overnights. Of course, the biggest issue for all people living with type 1 diabetes.