Monday, October 8, 2012

Dexie and Dexter Go To School (Making Standardized Test Taking A Little Easier)

Notice the brownish smudge?  Anyone have that before?  Looks like we need new CGMs.
Last night, in an effort to troubleshoot the week ahead, we decided to dust off our DexCom Seven CGMs and do a quick insertion and calibration.

By quick, I mean a battery charge for two hours, then an anxiety-riddled insertion for 30 minutes and finally, a three hour calibration which brought us to midnight. 

Midnight and then, of course, waking back up for any buzz or beeping noise from the bedrooms.

For the most part, after a few inaccurate calibrations, our Dexie and Dexter (hand picked names from youngest and oldest daughters) showed nice and consistent flat lines. 

The 166 is post breakfast from oldest daughter and happily,still trending flat. 

The 119 is wake-up from youngest daughter with no breakfast on-board and still trending flat.

Mama is so happy and even thinking it is worth an entire night of no-sleep.

Here is hoping for a great week of standardized test taking for both young ladies and maybe, even a nap today for me!


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