Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Windshields For Animas Pumps

Captured during a moment of investigating the new DexCom Platinum 4!

After my oldest daughter's two and half year-old insulin pump started to look like this,

No, this isn't even on at the moment, those are just major scuff marks.

We knew it was time for a little bit of refurbishing.  Or as my daughter said, "It is time for a new windshield for my pump, Mom."

After calling the Animas support line, I was directed back to their gallery of products to find this,

a Lens Protection Film Kit for Animas One Touch Ping Insulin Pumps.  At a mere $9.95 for a package of three, I could give a face-lift to both of the girl's insulin pumps in one order.  It also felt good to know that I would have an extra just in case of application errors.  Hey, it happens!

Inside the package (sent UPS ground for $5.00) were three plastic screen protectors, a rubber mat and one bottle of spray cleaner.

Carefully following the enclosed directions, we peeled the older screen protector off, and wiped down the pump face.  Spraying our hands and the pump, we slowly applied the new screen, using the rubber mat to press out any remaining air bubbles.

In less than five minutes, we went from this,

to this shiny little beauty! 

Did you notice her nails match the pump? 

Now, if only we could find matching paint for a few extra dings....  um, and for my car too.

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