Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Naturally Sweet Sisters!

As always, Halloween celebrated 'Naturally Sweet Sisters' style is about having fun and making lots of family memories.  Enjoy your trick or treating, count your candy, eat a little or a lot and fall asleep with the happy thought that Christmas is only a mere 55 days away!

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Need Candy Removal Ideas?  Consider the following:

1.)  Donate to your local senior center.  Grandmas and Grandpas love candy just as much as everyone else and quite often, do not have the financial resources or the mobility to go out and buy it.   The Naturally Sweet Sisters did this two years in a row and received lots of praise and 'thank you's' for thinking of our lovable seniors.

2.)  Donate it back to your child's teacher for classroom or school stores, reward incentives or special celebrations at school.  It can even be used for a PTO/PTA fundraiser during the annual bake sales.  Just bag up a portion of the candy into a cute goodie bag and price it a $1.00.  A great way to help make a little bit of money for your school.

3.)  Team up with a local dentist or orthodontist to send candy overseas to the Military through a buy-back program.  In our area, several dental groups are offering children a dollar per pound of candy, up to five pounds.  It's a win-win situation for kids and soldiers alike! 

4.)  Freeze it.  In the upcoming holiday months, several recipes call for candy to be added to cookies or cake for an extra scrumptious treat.  Our personal favorite is to add m&m candies to our Sunday morning pancakes.  Just sprinkle a few on top of the pancake as it begins to bubble.  Flip over to cook the other side and then, serve!  No syrup needed! 

5.)  If all else fails and a least one spouse works, consider sending it with him/her to the office to share with the 'big kids'.  Every year my husband snags one bag full to keep on the candy jar located on his desk.  He says it makes him the most popular guy in the building for a least a couple of days. 

Hope your Halloween is the best one yet and be sure to take lots of pictures.  I am starting to see the subtle changes that at least one of my Naturally Sweet Sisters might be nearing the end of the trick or treat tradition.  It really does make you realize that Halloween is all about making life long family memories and I am so thankful that I didn't let Type 1 Diabetes get in our way. 

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