Wednesday, November 14, 2012

World Diabetes Day and My Birthday Collide

November 14th.

For years, it has been a special date between Prince Charles and myself.  Then, came Josh Duhamel, Fergie's husband.  By the way, I welcomed Josh with open arms:)  Um, just teasing to my very adorable Naturally Sweet husband!

The three of us toasted the date of November 14th to each other and celebrated turning one year older.  It was a pretty low-key (because really, I am sure they have no idea of the Naturally Sweet Sister mom's existence) but none-the-less very joyous affair.  One thing about me is that I like celebrating and birthdays are no exception... getting older or not.

This year, I turned the big 4-0. 

It's interesting because while I feel no older than I did as a young 3-9, I am acutely aware of entering that next decade.

I am also acutely aware of the fact that November 14th is World Diabetes Day

I like to call this coincidence a little bit of irony.  My birthday is undeniably a day to be shared with diabetes.  World Diabetes Day blue circle logos are popping up all over cyber space, television and even radio and newspaper. 

At our recent Diabetes Expo, as soon as I entered through the door, I was given a lovely pale blue circle pin.  It has been my favorite birthday gift thus far because I actually think it is quite beautiful.  To me it represents the beauty of my little girls.

Of course, with my only two beautiful daughters living with type 1 diabetes, it only seems fitting that my birthday and birthday gifts be shared with diabetes too.  After all, aren't every one of their days shared with diabetes?  And especially on their birthdays when carb counting in cakes or excitement highs (or worse excitement lows) are always looming?  They don't mind, so how could I? 

As we all know, diabetes doesn't take a break, EVER.  Not on their birthdays or mine or holidays or vacations or school dances or ballet recitals... never, ever, ever.  It is always there.

What is most important is how we deal with that.  We chose to live fully and completely in spite of diabetes.  Living as kids first, diabetes second.  Living with grace, love and laughter until our wishes come true.

Then, I think of this;

A 40 year old monumental birthday wish......

When I blow out the candles tonight, I am only going to hope for one thing.  I can't tell you because I really want it to come true. 

However, when it does (and it will someday), I will be the first to share it all with YOU! Oh, and Prince Charles and Josh Duhamel.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

Here's to hoping that birthday wishes come true.

(and in another weird coincidence, my captcha code number for this comment is... 40)

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Your captcha code is funny! Who knew robots had a sense of humor?