Thursday, September 19, 2013

A True Ghost Story

Yesterday as I am finally alone in my house and sipping my first morning coffee, I take a few moments to survey the wreckage from the weekend.  Our house tends to become a casualty of family life after two days of playing and living.  There were stray socks here and there, followed up by the occasional loose crayon, snack wrapper or mysterious board game piece scattered around the carpet.  Suddenly, I spy a little piece of tubing which is connected to a cannula.

"Oh no!"

My heart skips a beat because as my eyes trace the cannula and tubing, it leads to a zippered pump pouch clearly marked with youngest daughter's name.

"Oh no!  Youngest daughter didn't reconnect after she showered this morning.  That means that she went to school without a bolus for her breakfast.  Oh $%&#!"

Frantically I drop the board game piece, wrappers and stray socks to jump to grab her pump and pouch.  As I pick them up, I am already scanning for my cell phone and keys in order to quickly head out the door and drive up to her school.

But wait...

This pouch feels too light.  Almost as if there is air inside of it and not the slightly weighty feel of a normally full pouch. 

"What in the world??"

With my heart still racing, I carefully unzip the pouch and this is what I find:

Yes, our Rufus the Bear pump pouch from a few years ago.  Apparently, Rufus is the one who disconnected over the weekend and forgot to put it back on.

Later, youngest daughter explained that the new Girl Ghost decoration that we just placed into her baby rocker looked like she needed a boost of insulin too.  She said the Girl Ghost was a little pale (but what she doesn't know is that for a few seconds, I was too!)


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