Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wacky Packies - New Adorable Pump Pouches

It's no secret that the Naturally Sweet Sisters and I love beautiful pump supplies.  It is one of the bright spots of making the world of t1d a little bit better, especially for two budding teenagers. 

One of my dear DOC girlfriends understands this and she offered to make the girls two custom insulin pump pouches.  As a mom of a t1d little boy, she said she was excited to try her hand at something girly. 

And wow!  Does she understand girls or what?  Thank you, Tracy!!!!!

Seriously adorable pump pouch with perfect teen style!

Too cute little girl pump pouch with adorable ruffle belt.  Our daughter wanted to 'show this off' and declared it to be the softest pouch in the world.
To explain how I met Tracy, a few years ago we found each other on a website devoted to babies and toddlers that were living with type 1 diabetes called babycenter.com.  At the time, I felt so lost in the new world of type 1 diabetes, that I wanted to reach out and make a connection with anyone living anywhere that had some knowledge of type 1 diabetes.  To this day, the women that I met on babycenter, are truly some of the best diabetes friends that I have.  We have even made it a point to travel and meet or to Skype with each other or simply to send Christmas cards.  Each connection provides a little bit of joy in a world that mostly revolves around a life where few people live with daily insulin injections.  Having this group of ladies has made our world much more 'normal'.  Even though our kids have grown out of the 'babycenter' age group, we have stayed well connected and I cherish each and everyone. 
Let me give a shout-out to the BBC gang!!!!  'HELLO LADIES'!!!!!!!
Tracy writes about her own t1d journey on her website:
We are artists, friends, and moms brought together on this Type 1 diabetes journey by our amazing endocrinologist. Our kiddos were all diagnosed young at 17 months and 21 months and began pumping very soon after. It was challenging pumping through diaper changes, potty training, sippy cups and impromptu squirt gun fights. We hope you enjoy the simple designs, convenient clear vinyl windows and water resistant fabrics along your journey.
Learning to sew pump holders began together during play dates. It was truly a stress relief to be doing something creative while being around people that speak the language. "What time is it?" "Do we need a check?" "Are you feeling low" " What is the active insulin?" "When was the last bolus?" "What's the carb count?" "Did you eat all of it?" All the while watching our amazing and silly kids play, and making each other laugh, and or cry in the process. We wanted to not only make holders for our kids and the fun of making them for each others kids...but to donate them to our local children's hospital. Together with the help of many we have donated over 200 so far for the new pump starts and little kids camps in our area. Our goal is to donate 800+ which is the approximate number our endocrine clinic services. We are excited to continue donations with your help. For every 10 pump pockets purchased, another one will be donated. Also we would like to include words of encouragement, a "HEART Note" (Helping Every one Along the Road of T1D) in each pocket donated. Please take a moment and share your "HEART NOTE" on our FB comments section for us to tuck in a pocket.

The Wacky Packies that the Naturally Sweet Sisters are wearing were designed with the girls' favorite color choices in mind.  Our oldest daughter preferred anything 'grown-up' with black and white as her favorite color.  Our youngest daughter, who is known for her very girlie nature, asked for something 'pretty'. 

The attached waist band is a no-click belt, meaning it is simply one stretchy piece of fabric.  The girls prefer this style as often, the belt will accidently pinch tender skin.  No one wants tears when wearing a pump pouch.
Over the clothes and on there way to go outside and play - I think the words were 'hurry-up, MOM!'
My oldest daughter wanted hers to fit snuggly, like a pair of yoga pants.  She LOVED that this pump pouch fit exactly like that.  Here is a shot of the pouch under her t-shirt.  No pump bump in sight.

Under their clothes and still, the words were 'Are we done?  We want to play!!!'
Youngest daughter wanted hers a bit looser.  She is still not concerned with any type of bump, but prefers to wear her pump higher on her natural waist.  She doesn't want to have anything in the way when it comes to putting on other pieces of clothing.  I suspect if she would have pulled the belt over her hips, like her sister, than it would also be less of a bump.  In any regards, she feels comfortable and the best part is that the pump pouch can be worn any way a child likes.  Just like in diabetes care, you need to choose what works best for you!  Kids first, diabetes second!

Thank you Wacky Packies for sending our girl off in style!

For the first day of school, our oldest chose to wear a dress.  Normally, the question of where to put the pump would be a huge issue and possibly, even a deterrent.  This year, with the new pump pouch, nothing got in the way.  She felt comfortable and confident wearing exactly what she wanted to wear.  Not to mention, she was absolutely glowing.  Um, how in the world do you stop a child from growing up????  Eek!
So are you ready for your Wacky Packies?
Wacky Packies is now available for anyone to order.  You can find them online HERE.  Or type this link into your browser  https://www.facebook.com/WackyPackies . 
Here are a few Wacky Packies that are currently listed. 
This PRETTY ONE, a pink, snap closed pouch is a mere $15.00.   You can click HERE to order it.
Or what about this cute one.  Called 'Argh', it is also just $15.00 and you can click HERE to order it as well.
Tracy even has cute designs for dolly and me.  Look at how adorable this would be, especially as alternative to oodles of Halloween candy.  Priced at only $20.00, your child will receive both the Wacky Packies for themselves and one for their favorite stuffy.  Click HERE to order your own set. 
Hope you enjoy this look at Wacky Packies.  If you stop by the Wacky Packies website, please let them know that you are visiting from Naturally Sweet Sisters.   They will love to hear from you!
And thanks to Tracy for creating the Wacky Packies brand.  You are making the world a better place for all of us that are living with type 1 diabetes.  Sending you huge HUGS!!!

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