Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tales of Friday Night From An Overly Tired Mom

The end of the first full week of school came to a conclusion on Friday night.

By Friday morning, I was actually counting the moments until the kids were done with school and by default, I was done with my daily round trip to the junior high and middle school.

As my oldest child happily bounced into the passenger seat, I noticed that she had pen marks scrawled up and down her hands. 

"What's that?" I pointed to the marks.

"Oh this?  Well it is a home football game tonight and EVERYONE is going.  Can I go?  I want to see my friends.  Riley will be there and maybe Kate.  And EVERYONE else is going too."

It was one of those tortured mom moments... doing a simple thing for your child that could possibly crown you as 'coolest mom ever' or going home to fall asleep while watching re-runs on television.

So I said what every tired parent says, "Let's go home and see what Dad says."

A few hours later and after a nice dinner, suddenly the idea of getting ready to watch a high school football game didn't seem nearly as torturous.  In fact, it seemed kind of fun.  I felt kind of hip even.  Here I was taking my 7th grader to her first game to meet friends.  How cool was I? 

That was until she said, "Mom, this game is a black-out". 

"Oh no.  That is disappointing.  I wonder what happened to the stadium lights?  Everyone else seems to have power on."  I gave her a little hug and started to think about which sweatpants that I wanted to put on.

"Uh, no mom.  I mean it is a black-out.  That means that all of us need to wear total black and just add a few red accents in."  She walked by while shaking her head.

So I wasn't as cool as I thought after all.  Good-bye sweatpants.

On the way to the game, we discussed 'the rules".  A little sighing here or there but in the end, she seemed OK with it.  Whether she realizes it or not right now, I think this is what makes me the ultimate in cool... I care about her.

The Football Game Rules
1.)  She wasn't allowed under the bleachers.
2.)  She had to walk by the stands where her father, little sister and I were sitting every half hour.
3.)  If she bought anything from the concessions, she had to buy it with her own money.
4.)  She had to check her blood sugar before she ate or at least once during the game and as always, text me the number.
5.)  She had to stay with her group of friends and not go anywhere alone.

Upon arriving at the game, oldest daughter was immediately scooped up by three screaming friends.  They hugged and shouted hellos at the same time.  I couldn't understand everything said and in seconds they were heading off in their tightly linked gaggle together.  All I received was a backwards wave from oldest daughter and then, she disappeared into a sea of black.  Literally. 

We made it through most of the game until youngest daughter felt chilled and was ready to go.  Oldest daughter did her duty and walked by periodically, even waving at us.  Our neighbors were at the game too and I watched as she politely stopped to chat with them.  She texted me cheery text messages with random updates as well as one blood sugar.  Even though it was bit higher than I would have liked, I was happy to see her having fun.  I knew as I watched her from my seat in the stands that I was facing another life changing moment... my daughter was spreading her wings a bit further.  And diabetes wasn't interfering in the least.  In fact, it made almost no difference at all.  The rules would have been the same (with the exception of number 4) and she still had the time of her life.

And her words when it was all over?

"That was the best night EVER!  Riley and Kate and EVERYONE have made plans for next Friday night.  Mom, can I go?  And it is homecoming.  That means that everyone dresses up.  Just in case you didn't know, mom."

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