Monday, September 9, 2013

School's In Session - Amazement Lingers

The first full week of school is behind us.

It happened uneventfully. 

I'd like to think that it was a result of my planning but I believe it was more due to the fact that my girls are growing older.  They are aware of what needs to happen and how it needs to be done.  It is rather amazing because at the start of this journey, I was the sole responsibility of all things type 1 diabetes.  Now, I am really just one small piece.


For moms (and dads) that are where I was just a short time ago, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what is yet to come.

My girls are fully handling their type 1 diabetes while they are at school.  This means that they are checking blood sugars, texting me numbers and paying attention to those highs and lows.

No more aides.  Our sweet Miss D. is back at the old elementary and gently helping a new group of t1d children.  We texted each other on the first day like we did for all of those years prior.  Still, it wasn't the same.   Our baby birds have flown the nest.

And yet, neither one of us were overly sad.  Instead, we just felt proud.  Look at how far we have come.  Look at how far they have come. 

One of my favorite texts last week came from my 5th grader:  "Mom, I am 127.  Don't text me back.  Bye."

I could never explain how much that text made me smile to the outside world of non-type 1 diabetes.  But for all of you, I can explain that seeing that makes me know that she is feeling empowered by her care.  She has the confidence and knowledge of how to take over the day shift (and yes, I will fully resume the remaining 16 hours of the day) and still, be a kid.   Kids first, diabetes second.

In the way that we all say as parents, "You know you are doing your job if they one day have the skills to leave the nest", than the same holds true to type 1 diabetes.  I was never helicoptering by choice, but truly by necessity. 

She has learned so much and now, she can start to be more independent.  It is nothing short of amazing. 

Happy New School Year!

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