Thursday, December 12, 2013



"Mom!  I am 85! Can I eat?"

I glance at the clock and read 5:50 p.m..  Dinner is a mere ten minutes away estimated finishing.  Tonight we are having pasta and sauce with a side salad.  It is a simple dinner and all I need is for the pasta to finish cooking.

I holler back. "You're fine!  Dinner is almost done."

"But I am lowwwwwwww!  And I am hungrrrrrrrry!"  She yells again.

Feeling impatient, I tell her to wait as I am draining the water off the pasta.  The steam is filling my eyeglasses and I am having trouble concentrating on not getting burned and talking to an impatient child at that the same time.

"Just wait!"  I say with the same impatient tone that is also in my head.

The hot water jumps up and bites me squarely on the knuckles, making me whimper. 

Suddenly, a sound cuts through the noise and pain and I can hear a can of glucose tabs being opened.  The bottle is new and the plastic wrap is making a tell-tale crinkle noise.

I drop the rest of the pasta into a bowl so that I can figure out where the sound is coming from.  Walking past the bathroom, I see the same hungry daughter that I had just asked to wait, eating glucose tabs.

"I am low and I know it said 85, but it feels lower.  I need something now!" She says defiantly. 

As if on cue, Sigums (our CGM) bleeps a warning... 67 mg/dl and pointing down. 

Shaking my head at the situation, all I can do is tell her that I am sorry and that I didn't realize that her blood sugar was dropping so quickly.  We sit quietly until the low feeling has passed and then, I hug her and apologize again.

Later that night, I tell the Naturally Sweet dad the story and he in turn, gives me a hug and tells me it is going to be alright.

And while I know it really is alright and we are fine, I can't help but once again feel a deep ache for what type 1 diabetes continually delivers to us. 

Some days are just so hard.


Stacy said...

((Hugs)) Sometimes the emotional pain of this disease far out ways the physical pain.

Anonymous said...

Hugs. Stinks.