Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thinking About Older T1D Teens and College? I do.

My girls are in the middle.

That means that we have successfully navigated baby and toddler hood.  We have also learned how to jump through the never-ending-food parade of elementary school and tackle the beginning independence of middle school.  When the girls both hit double digits in ages, I knew that we had arrived squarely in the middle of childhood.

While I try to live in the moment, I can't help but marvel at how far we have come and to also, look ahead to the future, which for us, includes the 'c' word; COLLEGE.

It can be done.  I know this.  My brain tells me it is so.  People that live with t1d go off to college, have late night study sessions, oversleep in the morning and eat stale pizza daily.  And they still manage t1d.  To keep it real, I know that people that live with t1d continue to LIVE.  Yes, live.  Because sometimes as a parent, it is difficult to swallow that huge fear that the worst could happen.

And I know it could.  But I also know that with some hard work, planning and good sense of self, it won't.

Yes, I know all of this.

But how it happens, I am not sure.  We are still in the middle and haven't made it that far.

One of my ideas is to start by practicing while they are young.  We are using this summer as a potential starting point for allowing a bit more (and carefully controlled) planning to occur.  Oldest daughter has accepted a one-day-a-week babysitting job.  Youngest daughter has asked for art lessons.  Both will be in golf again.  There will also be sleepovers, parties and long days at the beach - with and without me.  Simple things but both allowing a bit more freedom and a chance to start implementing their skills of living life WITH type 1 diabetes.

Because the thing that I know most of all is that I would be doing a great disservice to my children if I didn't allow them to live BECAUSE of t1d.

 (click on this link for a great article in the Huffington Post).


Marjorie said...

My Amy is will be turning 8 in April and I still think about these things. I also think about driving, and when the time comes that alcohol may be in the picture. Raising kids is hard work....add in diabetes and it becomes harder. Doable..but harder. But, you're right, we have to let them LIVE.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Doable but harder. I want that on a pin! Because you are so right... it is putting our fears aside and letting them grow up much as we would have with just a few extra safety steps. One thing that makes it easier is being surrounded by moms (and dads) that get that thought! Thank you for writing this today!!!