Monday, November 17, 2014

More from #MakeHealth, A Share from DiabetesMine.Com and guest blogger Susannah Fox

Susannah Fox

Sharing another perspective from the T1D Imagining Better Outcomes Conference through #C3N and #MakeHealth.  This was the fabulous event that I attended last week in Cincinnatti, OH.

The article, written by the fabulous Susannah Fox, is a neat perspective from one that does not live with T1D but has a deep desire to help streamline the current healthcare process.

And imagine this... she was one of almost 50 other attendees that has jumped into the idea of tackling this HUGE process and implementing positive change for all PWD's.

What's wonderful about her style is that fact that not only did she politely listen as I rambled on about the day-to-day life of parenting two kids that live with T1D, but she actually dove head first into my story, took notes and offered helpful insight on ways to start the much needed change process.

When we left the conference, I offered her a big hug and thanked her for her time.  What did she do?  Turned around and thanked me for sharing a glimpse into our life.  Then she faithfully promised to continue to work on the solution long after the meeting was completed.

Since then, she has made good on her committment and through tweets @SusannahFox, her blog at, and now, her informative guest post at HERE.

If you get a chance, stop by and say hello to her.

Also, as the process continues, we are encouraging all PWDs to join the movement for #MakeHealth through Twitter @natsweetsisters.  Tweet about what you would like to see improved through your life with T1D.  This is OUR opportunity to make the system better.

Together, we can.

You can visit my previous post #MakeHealth, #C3N NaturallySweetSisters blog post HERE.

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