Friday, November 7, 2014

Reflections on the Way, Way Back

I recently sat down and listed several prior T1d experiences as part of an excercise for #makehealth.  As it always does, the process reminded me of the deep pain those early dx days caused.  Still, all these years later and my heart aches just as freshly as it did in 2006 and again in 2009.  Nothing will ever be as sad as the moments that we learned both of our children had acquired a non-curable disease.

This time, an interesting 'a-ha' moment appeared.  As I was writing about our way, way back to the early days, almost as though it was intended to help ease that broken heart, a clear picture emerged, right around the three year mark.

No longer was I a passive patient advocate.  At that moment of our second diagnosis, my ability to move to move mountains appeared in full force.  Somehow, I grasped that I had the power inside of me to make change and that clearly rerouted the direction of our lives.

We took control of T1d.

A few of the noted bullet points from an old journal that helped to clarify my realization?

* Requested second daughter not go to the hospital.  Why?  No need for her to spend time away from home.  Parents already understand the ins and outs of care.

* Followed up with Dr. X - Can we move straight to the pump?  Want to keep care exactly the same between both children.  Important for moral of daughter (she deserves technology too) and to minimize caregiver stress by having one plan of action.

* Both girls sent to camp.  Second daughter not on insulin 24 hrs a day but needs to be surrounded by kids that are doing the same things.  

* Sleepovers...  we will do this.  

T1d is not easy and there are still days where I feel like we have lost our grasp of the control that we have.  Nothing like a middle of the night site change or a forgotten bolus to deeply humble your abilities.  Those times are tough and yet, we still find that we are able to rebound and continue on.  

Until we have a cure, we have to do it.

Our girls deserve a full life, with only a small focus on T1d.

Just as I would say daily during the way, way back...

Kids first, diabetes second.  

Take control.

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