Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bouncing with the Diabetes Monster

This morning our family, along with about fifty other families living with T1D,  met up at a cool place called SkyZone for an event sponsored by a local T1D Awareness group called Diabetes Youth Services (DYS), out of Toledo, Ohio.  

DYS is a wonderful group that provides families with networking opportunities, day camp and even advocacy.  The group loves nothing more than to get out into the community and incorporate fun ideas that bring families together and lessen the T1D blahs.  Hence, choosing SkyZone, which is an interactive trampoline fun center for kids 3-99 years old.  

Happily we met the criteria!  

Upon entering, we did the usual three point bullet list of questions.  

1.) Do we have a safe place to store our T1D gear?
2.) Did we check our BG?
3.) Do we have enough sugar?

Because ultimately, that list of questions will resurface.  

"Mom!  Where is my stuff?  I feel low.  I need to check my BG RIGHT NOW!!!!"

Although today, when the questions surfaced, it wasn't as unusual.  All of the families were dealing with the same issues.  

Around me I could hear (and sometimes just see), the conversations that indicated a need for something urgent that could only be explained by T1D.  

Meters, snacks, kids quietly waiting... all things that happen within our world.  

And yes, there were many that continued on without a single (obvious anyway) pause to their happy bouncing.  

Because no matter how wonderful it is to being doing something fun as a family, the reality is that the Diabetes Monster comes along too.   It may not show up in the moment or it may but ultimately, it is there and just waiting for a time to rear up.  

That's what T1D does.  It lurks.  

The three questions should probably be more along these lines because none of this is something that we asked to do:

1.)  Did we tell the Diabetes Monster not to take, hide, lose or destroy our stuff?
2.)  Did we feed the Diabetes Monster or do we need to feed him soon?
3.)  Did the Diabetes Monster have a blood sugar temper tantrum and do we need to give him a bit of glucose?

Until there is a cure, there is a need for change and a swift kick to the ever troublesome Diabetes Monster.  Or a restraining order.  I'd be good with that too.

Remind your friends and family that while World Diabetes Day is gone, November is National Diabetes Awareness month and it is only about halfway over.  And even more importantly, nothing has changed since we started this 28-day cycle.  We still are in need of change.

Ask the people around you this:

What can you do to help continue to shed the light on the need for better treatments, faster technology and ultimately, a cure for T1D?   

What can you do to give a swift kick to Diabetes Monster?

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