Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vacationing with Type 1 Diabetes

After 12 days away, we are home and adjusting back to our normal routines.  Without meaning to, I find myself already counting the number of site changes (today makes for two each) since returning.   Even willing it not to, the mundane tedium of all that is type 1 diabetes has slithered and slunk back into our home.

Which means that we have welcomed the diabetes monster home as well.  Boo.

Because that is the thing about vacationing.  While we all know that type 1 diabetes never goes away, somehow when WE go away, it seems much less of a "thing".  It gently fades into the back ground and the girls (albeit for a short time) are able to focus even more on just being a kid.

Thanks to vacation.... well, and hotel rooms, swimming pools, walks on the beach, cousins, friends, aunts and grandmas and of course, the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World!

So here is a tiny look in pictures of what we saw...






The End.

Ps.  Tomorrow, I will be talking about the Guest Assistance Card at Walt Disney World.  Be sure to come and see more about what this card is and to view a sample!


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