Friday, April 12, 2013

Fresh Food Friday

It's Yogurt Time!

Found a very tasty and low carb yogurt this week.  Available at most grocery outlets, I think you are going to LOVE this one.
Introducing Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt!

This little cup of yogurt packs a BIG punch with it's traditional greek style flavor and creamy, delicious texture.  The best part of all is that it is only 8 carbs!  That's right!  Just 8 carbs!!!!!!
And this isn't the toddler sized carton either.  This is a full sized adult portion.  With 2x the protein at 12 grams and only 80 calories.  

Since I am reviewing it for you all, I had to open it up and show you how delicious it is.

And then, just opening it wasn't enough, so I had to pop a spoon into it and give it a stir.  After all, you needed to see that yummy blueberry fruit on the bottom.  So delicious.

Then, well, I ate it.  I couldn't help myself.  One container of creamy yogurt goodness.  Try it.  It is THAT GOOD!
The End.

Ps.  For full disclosure no one at Dannon knows about Naturally Sweet Sisters or asked us to try this product.  We did it for fun and to share a low-carb snack with all of you!  Enjoy!

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