Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Teacher Likes Me Because...

Youngest Daughter:  I know Mrs. P likes me.

Me:  Why do you say that?

Youngest Daughter:  Because she lets me go to the bathroom whenever I want to.

Me:  That's good.

Youngest Daughter:  I know it isn't because she has to.  I mean, she could say no. 

Me:  Well....

Youngest Daughter:  Wait, is it because of the diabetes?  Does she let me go because of diabetes?

Me:  She should let you go because you might need to go.

Youngest Daughter:  Hmmmm.  No, I mean yes, she should.  But no because I don't think it is the diabetes.  I think she lets me go because she likes me.  Yes, she really does like me and she would say no if she didn't like me.  She doesn't like Steve and she never lets him go.  Even when he has to.  See, she likes me a lot!

And then, she scampered off with a little grin. 

The End.

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