Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Couldn't Wait To Share - Second Leg Site VICTORY

Just moments ago,

And I love the suspense of writing like this...

with lots of ...

our oldest daughter had a victory all of her own. 

In the way that things tend to happen around here, her pump beeped it's low cartridge warning "13u or less" and at the same time, Sigums demanded a "Change Sensor Now". 

After a quick shower, the two of us tackled the chore of rewinding, loading, priming and changing sensor. 

When we got to the part of insertion, oldest daughter remembered the advice given to her from our beloved endocrinologist.  The advice contained was to spare the belly area from sites for a little while and to try legs.  Oldest daughter also remembered that her younger sister had just conquered her own fear of legs earlier in the day too. 

Not to be outdone, oldest daughter agreed to try an infusion set on her leg as well. 

This is the part of having two girls with type 1 diabetes that has been a blessing.  For a few minutes before the leg site was inserted, oldest and youngest daughters had an intense conversation on the level of pain that a leg site would bring. 

Oldest daughter:  How bad did it hurt?

Youngest daughter:  It didn't.  It felt like arm.

Oldest daughter:  Well, on a scale of one to ten.  How bad was it?

Youngest daughter:  I didn't even feel it.  Really.  It doesn't hurt.

Oldest daughter:  I think it is going to hurt.

Youngest daughter:  Nope.  It doesn't hurt.

I watched with awe as youngest daughter pinky sweared that it simply did not hurt and even promised a coveted sleepover in oldest daughter's room if it did.  (The currency of today is the sleepover bedroom of the weekend.  It is like throwing a hundred dollar bill on the table and calling a gambler's bluff.  One doesn't just say that unless they are loaded with good cards!)

With a long stare to make sure that youngest daughter was telling the truth, oldest daughter finally gave the go-ahead nod and before she could change her mind, I had it ready to go.

CLICK! and the infusion set was inserted. 

Not a single tear was shed either.

And being of kind spirit, youngest daughter offered to have the sleepover in oldest daughter's bedroom anyway.  I think because she loves being in her big sisters room.

A win-win!

And for so much more than just a sleepover:)  Today was a real diabetes victory!

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