Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Thank You To The Michigan Elks Association and the Wonderful ADA Camp Midicha

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Just went out to the mailbox and found the best two letters that a parent of children living with type 1 diabetes could find.  I wanted to share this bit of optimism and diabetes goodness with the world.  Because so often, when things seem bleak, it is nice to know that there are people out there that care.  A lot.  With tears in my eyes, I wanted them to know that we feel blessed and encouraged.  Lessons taught at camp start now, with the reminder that the world is indeed, a caring place.

Dear Michigan Elks Association,

Thank you to the Michigan Elks Association for understanding the importance of sending kids that are living with type 1 diabetes to camp.

Because of your generous scholarship, we will be able to send both Naturally Sweet Sisters to the ADA Camp Midicha. 

Camp as you know is the one singular place where kids can relax in an inclusive environment that accepts and understands the daily ins and outs of finger pokes, injections, site changes, insulin, carbohydrate counting and all other life with type 1 diabetes.  

Camp is also the place where tight bonds are formed, kids (and parents) learn trust, try new things and achieve acceptance of self.  

Your donation makes all of this possible for our family. 

I can not express how great this, especially in a home of x2 medical needs.

Our hearts are full today and we appreciate the kindness of your wonderful organization with immense gratitude.  We feel so lucky to be part of such a compassionate community that cares that kids are kids first!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

See you at Camp Midicha in June with big hugs!

The Naturally Sweet Sisters

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