Saturday, April 20, 2013

Making Photo Albums

After our latest Magical Kingdom visit, I found myself eager to make a few of those easy-peasy online photo albums.   There are many to choose from, but I often find myself using just one company so that I can load all of my pictures and know that as time goes by, if I need to reprint, the pictures are there for easy access. 

While I have been doing this for a long while, I have gotten away from the promptness of sorting, loading and organizing.  As I worked on the vacation pictures, it hit me that I pretty much neglected all of 2012 and a big chunk of 2011.  (hanging my head in mommy-shame!)

Not a great realization for someone who loves to take pictures.   I suddenly had a major undertaking on my hands.  From newly minted vacation pictures to almost two years of a back log. 


So I did what anyone would do, I made some popcorn and found something else to distract me. 

I'm kidding.  Sort of.  I did procrastinate for a few days but then, a friend gave me a freebie coupon for a picture book and that inspired me to get moving.

A couple of weeks later and three books have now been completed and ordered.  My backlog is down to a respectable half year and I feel more organized and efficient. 

I love when that happens.

You might wonder how this ties into the world of type 1 diabetes.  While sorting through the pictures, I came across several that depicted our family life while living with type 1 diabetes.  As we enter our seventh year, no longer is there a distinction between life BEFORE type 1 diabetes and life AFTER type 1 diabetes.

It all blurs together.

The only exception to that thought is this picture.  I found this shot in the online photo album and it was taken the weekend that youngest daughter was diagnosed.  She had just turned three years old. 

Seeing that picture brings back the flood of emotion of feeling terrified that no one had answers as to why my sweet little girl was so ill.

This picture is probably the only remaining visual of that horrific day.

The type 1 diabetes clock stops here.  But only for a moment....

Because just one more picture, and life resumes.  My daughters are back to being the sweet, little girls that grow up to be the girls that they are now. 

Growing, thriving and becoming the young ladies that they are meant to be. 

Explorers ready to take on any new adventure.  Even with a second diagnosis, life is not slowing or left hanging in the balance.  We continue on and savor every second!

Happy girls with happy memories.

This is the reason to capture it all... because from then until now, or from BEFORE to AFTER, life moves right along. 

I am so glad that we didn't let type 1 diabetes stop us from enjoying the view.

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