Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sugar Busters

A few months ago, it occurred to me that our current arrangement of keeping snacks in the car, just wasn't working.

In my vehicle, which is typically the family vehicle, we have a center console filled with things like a tire guage, a mini band-aid kit, two cell phone car chargers, miscellaneous receipts, a couple of pieces of stale gum and an assortment of smooshed snacks. 

Even during a low blood-sugar episode, my kids have discerning tastes.  No one wants to eat a granola bar that remembles bird seed. 

And there is another unfortunate quandry.  With type 1 diabetes, sometimes, you just HAVE to eat that bird seed granola bar, even though you do not want to.

Then, I had a thought.

What if I actually had something to keep all of those low blood sugar goodies nice and fresh?


One of my girlfriend's sells personalized bags and purses through Initials, Inc.. 

After meeting our family and hearing our story of both girls being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, my girlfriend felt equally compelled to make a difference and help work towards better type 1 diabetes technology and ultimately, finding a cure.  She graciously offered to partner with Naturally Sweet Sisters and agreed to donate 100% of her proceeds back to our to walk team Naturally Sweet Sisters.  We raised $443.48 for our 2011 walk team just from her bags, purses and home decor.

That random act of kindness will forever be remembered. 

To do my part, I of course, had to shop too. 

And this is the bag that I had made.  It is called the Pack-It Pocket and measures 11" x 5 1/2".  There is a loop handle on the side that can go around a wrist or loop around another bag.  In my case, I looped it around the backseat door handle so that my girls can easily access it while I am driving.

I had it embroidered with the words "Sugar Buster" in brown embroidered floss to keep it fun!  But you can put on anything you want.

As you can see, the Pack-It holds quite an assortment of snacks and fast acting glucose products.  The inside is completely open and can hold all of this...

And there is room for much more.

You can personalize any of the bags with whatever you would like and get this, personalization is always free!  If you would like to check out their product line, head over to

The girls love it!  And again, another way for type 1 diabetes to be a little less medically sterile and a whole lot more fun.

Like we say, Kids First, Diabetes Second!

If anyone out there has additional ideas for managing fast acting sugar in cars, please leave a comment below.  This is one area where I am always looking for ideas and I am sure others are too.

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And a big thank you to everyone who purchased an Initial's Bag at our Shop Until You Drop party in August!