Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From The Girls: What we want you to know about type 1 diabetes

What is the last thing that you think about before you go to bed at night?

Oldest daughter:  I go through a check list in my head and I think of everything that I have to do.  I brushed my teeth, I got tested, I had a snack, I dosed, I packed my homework.  Yes.  That is a huge one.  Homework.

Youngest daughter:  I make sure that I have all of my stuffed animals and then well, I don't know.  I go to sleep.

What is the first thing that you about when you wake up in the morning?

Oldest daughter:  Another day of school!  And then I have to think about what I am going to wear and think about what day it is.  If it is Monday, I am going to the computer to hang out and I can be comfy.  But on Wednesdays, I have Yoga.  On Friday, I like to wear jeans and look nice.

Youngest daughter:  I think about what is for breakfast and then I think about what I am going to wear.

What is the first thing that you do when you get to school?

Oldest daughter:  I unpack my backpack and make sure that I have my social studies and science journals.  Then I put my tester and phone and my purse and my lunch box in the backroom (the diabetes lounge).

Youngest daughter:  I grab my homework and stick it in the bin.  Then I go to my desk and take out my pencil and do my morning work.

When do you think about diabetes?

Oldest daughter:  I have to think about it as soon as I get to school because if I forget something, than I have to text you (mom) with what I need.

Youngest daughter:  When I have my snack and then I think of when Miss D. (aide) is going to come in.  I worry that she is going to be late.

What do you think your friends think about diabetes?

Oldest daughter:  Oh wow.  Um.  Go to (my sister first).

Youngest daughter:  My friends think, "What is that thing on your pouch?  What is that tubing or string?" They always ask me that. 

Oldest daughter:  (Laughing)  They ask me "Who won?"  We play a game with my friends that have diabetes and try to figure out who is closest to 150.  My friends always ask me who won!

Does having diabetes bug you?

Oldest daughter:  No.  I think it doesn't really define me.  I think some people think it is such a big issue.  Like, so you are a diabetic?  Yes, so?  I don't care.

Youngest daughter:  No, well, a little bit.  Because I do not like having people ask me all these weird questions.  Because they should really ask their parents. 

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Oldest daughter:  I wouldn't change anything.  I like who I am.

Youngest daughter:  Yeah.  I like me too.


Rose Ann said...

Totally made me smile!! Your girls are amazing...but then, you know that. ;)

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Thanks Rose Ann. To be honest, I was a little scared of what they might say as I wanted to type exactly what came out of their mouths. Even I was surprised and awed by their answers. ALL of our kids are truly amazing. They are the sweetest bunch, naturally:)

laura said...

I love how diabetes is barely mentioned in their answers to the first 3 questions. That is a VERY important reminder for me. I should use less brain power for diabetes and more brain power for yummy breakfasts.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

I silently answered all of the questions in my head and my answers completely focused on diabetes. Really, interesting how their views are just like any other child out there. It us, the parents, that feel the full weight. One day, they are going to look back on childhood and not see diabetes, but all of the amazing things that they did!