Saturday, March 16, 2013

Busy With Lows - Grateful For Weekends

When you read this, it will be Saturday.

And I will be at the movies with my girlies.

I will also be unwinding from a very stressful week. 

There is nothing like sending your youngest off on a field trip, minutes after recovering from a 40 mg/dl blood sugar and pretending to the rest of the world that everything is fine. 

Or getting a text from your oldest daughter, who is now playing floor hockey, who felt low, didn't test but treated but is now "fine".  Later, when you look at the CGM, you see that the low wasn't just a low, but dipped down into the 30s.  You sit and wonder at exactly how "fine" she was.

Or having to explain yet again that yes, too much insulin can cause severe lows or worse...

Or waking up to a screeching alarm telling you that your child has dipped into dangerous lows - then realizing you must have slept through all of the other alarms to get to that point.

Or reminding both daughters to pay attention to those CGM alarms and to console them when they remind you that 'no one else has to do that'.

And in between all of that nonsense (and more but it all starts to sound petty at this point), you have to deal with every day moments of parenting.  Including a little bit of reminding that there are rules for a reason. 

So when Saturday rolls around, I will take a moment to marvel at making it through the week and coming out no worse for wear. 

I don't know how we do it.  Do you???


Scott K. Johnson said...

Not a clue how we all do everything we do.

Hope you guys enjoyed the well-deserved movie!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

It is Tuesday and I think the pump changes might actually be working. So now, to look back at that last week, I am still a bit in disbelief. How did one week change everything so drastically?

It had to be the time change.