Wednesday, March 27, 2013

JDRF "Everyday Heroes" Contest

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A few weeks ago, a flyer announcing the annual JDRF and Ford Motor Company Racecar Design Contest landed in our mailbox.

Since I often make, I mean let, the girls get the mail for me, they were the first ones to see the opportunity of designing your own racecar. 

"Mom", my oldest daughter shouted.  "We have to do this!"

While the oldest was shouting and frantically waving the application around, my youngest daughter was busy gathering up the necessary supplies of markers, crayons and colored pencils. 

Youngest daughter is as much of a 'doer' as oldest daughter is a natural 'director'.  It keeps their relationship flowing nicely.

In less than the time it took for me to give a nod of approval, they were both off and designing.

A funny thing happened though, these two sisters worked on their art right next to each other.  I am pretty confident that ideas were discussed (maybe the 'doer' switched with the 'director' or vice-versa) and while both say they are uniquely their own designs, I will let you be the judge!

Here is a copy of oldest daughter's artwork:


Regardless of who did what, I have to say that I adore both of the drawings and I think that they are both amazing!  Yes, I am wholeheartedly biased too:)  When I asked why the girls designed what they did, both daughters shared that their Everyday Heroes are simply the most important things in their life:   
JDRF, Pumps, Syringes and Insulin.
"Without insulin and our pumps, we wouldn't be here", my oldest daughter solemnly answered.
"Yes.  Insulin keeps us both alive so it is our hero", quietly explained my youngest daughter.  "And JDRF is where we met our friends.  Pumpy and Pumpster help us all day, everyday."
Oldest daughter agreed and said, "We don't like shots but we have to have them sometimes.  Some kids do not have a choice and need them everyday too.  That's what keeps us alive, Mom."
And they are right!  Those three things are probably the single most important things in their lives right now.
Unless, we work together to make a change.  And by change, I mean to help research step closer to a CURE!
VOTE FROM MARCH 26 UNTIL MAY 3 TO GET YOUR DESIGN INTO THE TOP 10 BY MAKING A MONETARY DONATION TO JDRF. Then from May 3 - May 28, come back to vote for the winner! Each donation made will be credited toward the child's JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes Family Team, ( our team is Naturally Sweet Sisters).   Please bookmark our link to remember to vote!
This is a great way to support JDRF without having to do more than enter a credit card or paypal information on JDRF's secure and safe fundraising website.  Any amount helps and nothing is too small or heck, too BIG!  Remember, your donation is tax-deductible too! 
This is especially great to share with friends and family that may also want to help but do not know where to go.  I know that first year after diagnosis, I wasn't sure of how to ask family and friends for donations, but I know for certain that I could have easily directed them back to a fun link like this one.  So please feel free to share with everyone that you know. 
The top ten donation-earning designs will then be narrowed down to one. The winning design will be selected by a committee including representatives from FCSD, JDRF, Bob Tasca III and members of the media.
And thank you from the Naturally Sweet Sisters! 

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